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HP Deskjet 990cxi Update Driver and Software Free for Windows, Macintosh/Mac OS. Free Driver and Software Download, Download and Install Printer for Operating System Windows, Mac OS, Firmware and Linux.

Photo-quality printer that delivers outstanding print quality on everything from text on plain paper to images on photo paper.
Enhanced Color Layering Technology from HP’s PhotoREt III Printing Technology. HP PhotoREt III combines smaller drop size and vibrant inks with improved fade resistance to produce fast, outstanding print quality in all modes and all media, including incredibly realistic photo images.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) capability. USB is a peripheral bus specification that provides Plug and Plays capability to computer peripherals. Printers that connect to a computer through USB are automatically configured as soon as they are attached, without the need to reconfigure the computer or restart.
HP Colorsmart III technology. HP Colorsmart III allows the printer to automatically deliver sharper, clearer, more vivid output.

Infrared printing.
Automatic Paper Type Sensor. The printer will automatically determine what type of paper is being used and adjust the print mode appropriately.
2400 dpi mode.

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Deskjet 990cxi Driver offers the option to print in a variety of media, ranging from plain paper, premium, until glossy.

Hewlett Packard Deskjet Product models:
HP Deskjet 990cxi | C6455A
HP Deskjet 990cse | C6455B
HP Deskjet 990cm | C6455C

HP Deskjet 990cxi Driver and Software

Software and Drivers for Hewlett Packard Deskjet 990cxi Printer series – Review and Specifications – Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh


HP Deskjet 990c Full Update Driver

HP Deskjet 450CBi Mobile Driver

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This document outlines the Product Specifications for the HP Deskjet 990cxi.

Print quality and Resolution
Draft : 300 x 600 dpi
Normal: 600 x 600 dpi
Best: 600 x 600 dpi

Colour resolution (depends on paper type)
Draft : 300 x 600 dpi
Normal: PhotoREt III
Best: PhotoREt III or 2400 x 1200 dpi also available using photo paper

Software Compatibility
– Microsoft(R) Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000 and Me
– Microsoft Windows 3.x and MS-DOS(R) applications (limited compatibility)
– Macintosh (with USB connection only)

Recommended Windows system requirements
– Windows 98 or better
– Pentium II processor, 450 MHz or better
– 128 MB RAM
– 500 MB free hard disk space

I/O Interface
Centronics parallel, IEEE 1284-compliant with the 1284-B receptacle
Universal Serial Bus (Windows 98 and USB-connect Macintosh)

Recommended Cables:
HP IEEE 1284-Compliant parallel interface cable: With one 1284-A connector for the computer port and one 1284-B connector for the printer port.
2-meter length
3-meter length

HP USB-Compliant interface cable: 2-meter length

HP Deskjet Full Feature Software/Driver

Driver Detail:
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: 4.3
Filename: 990-enu-xp.exe (Download)
File Size: 15 MB

Manual Installation Instructions:

Create a new folder on the hard drive: c:\dj990 before downloading the printer driver.
Download the driver to the newly created c:\dj990 folder.
Open the c:\dj990 folder and double-click the downloaded “exe” file.
Dialogue boxes indicating “Loading Files” and “Please Wait” will appear indicating files are being copied. Wait until the files are finished copying.
Click “Install Printer Software”
Note: If this screen is not present, check the taskbar for a minimized screen named “990cxi”. Click on this item to activate this screen.
Follow the instructions on the installer screen to complete the installation.
Note: You may see a screen indicating the printer cannot be found. Click on the “Locate Printer” button to continue.
Note: There may be one or more printers installed. To verify the correct printer has been selected, do the following:

Click on the Start Menu
Click “Printers and Faxes”
Verify that the “hp Deskjet 990c series” is present.
Note: There may be more than one printer with “990cxi” in the name. The one WITH “series” in the name is the printer driver from HP. The one WITHOUT “series” in the name is the Built-In driver included in the Windows XP operating system.
Make sure the HP printer with driver with “series” in the name has a Check Mark next to it, indicating it is the default printer.
To make a printer the default printer, right-click on the printer name and select “Set as Default Printer”

HP Deskjet Basic Feature Software/Driver

Drivers Detail
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: 4.3
Filename: 990-enu-xpinfu.exe (Download)
File Size: 5 MB

Please note that with this driver version:

Status messaging and bi-directional communication are not available.
Ink level indication on the PC is not available.
HP Print Previewer is not available.

Deskjet 990Cxi printer software/driver: Corporate Users for USB or parallel cable

Drivers Detail
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: 4.3
Filename: 990-enu-2kinfu.exe (Download)
File Size: 5 MB

This driver is designed for use on computers that will be directly connected to the printer from the computer through a USB or Parallel Cable.
*Caution: The printer’s cable (USB or Parallel) must be unplugged before proceeding!
*Please note: This driver has no “Program Group” functionality.

HP DeskJet 990 Series Printer Driver: CORPORATE USERS: (Windows Terminal Server)

Drivers Detail
Type: Microsoft Windows
Version: 3.2
Filename: dj1010en.exe (Download)
File Size: 6 MB

The HP DeskJet 990 printer driver, version 3.2 supports the HP DeskJet 990Cse and 990Cxi printers for Windows 2000. Please note that the instructions below are for users that will be using a Parallel cable connection from the computer to the printer.

Please note that with this driver version:

Aligning and cleaning print cartridges is only available through the services tab under printing preferences.
HP Print Preview is not available.
There is no installer shell.
There is no bi-directional communication so users will not see status messages.
Printer driver icon shortcuts are not installed on the desktop.
Driver messaging and Manual Duplexing is disabled when the driver is installed on a server with Windows Terminal Services enabled.
Note: For client based installs in a Windows Terminal Server environment, consult your Windows Terminal Server admin for the preferred installation method. You must also run the Uninstaller from the printer driver CD included with your printer before you attempt to install this downloaded file. You must also reboot your computer after uninstalling the old driver. For help uninstalling the driver, locate the document “How to Remove the Printer Software in Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, and Windows 2000” located on the HP DeskJet 990 support page.

HP DeskJet Software – Mac OS X 

Drivers Detail
Type: Apple Mac OS X
Version: 9.7
Filename: OSXHPInkjetInstaller.dmg (Download)
File Size: 38 MB

This driver improves printer connection reliability and stability, as well as print speed and print output improvements. It supports Deskjet printers with USB connectors on the printer, as well as network printing for those models that support Network printing.

It is for use with Mac OS X v.10.1.5, v.10.2.x, v.10.3 and OS X v.10.4, although HP recommends that you update to the latest version of Mac OS X.

The downloadable file includes a driver installer, which also installs the newest Deskjet printer utility.

HP Inkjet Basic Driver – Mac OS X 

Drivers Detail
Type: Apple Mac OS X
Version: 3.3
Filename: OSXHPInkjetinstallerB.dmg (Download)
File Size: 24 MB

This download package contains an updated HP Inkjet printer driver in new Universal Binary format. Full printing support for Mac OS X v10.2.8, v10.3, v10.4 PPC and Intel processor Macs is included with this download.

Note: this v3.3 driver is built-in to Mac OS X v10.4 shipping with new Intel core processor Macs.

Printer Software and Drivers for HP Deskjet 990cxi Printer series Setup


1. Download the file onto your local hard drive.
2. Choose View then Options in your Windows Explorer. Check that the settings “Show all files” and “display the full path in title bar” are enabled.
3. Double click the .exe file.
4. This will extract all components necessary for the “add printer” installation, onto your hard drive. Make a note of the location of the extracted components.
5. Use the printer folder or the windows control panel to initiate the “add a printer” option on your computer.
6. Follow the step-by-step instructions, which will appear, on your screen.
7. When appropriate, use the “Have Disk” option, and start the installation by browsing to the sub-directory which contains the extracted components.
8. Follow the remaining instructions, which will appear, on your screen.

Mac OS X:

1. Click the Download Only button.
2. When a new pop-up window appears, click on the Save button.
3. Save the file in the desired location.

Note: Make sure the printer is not connected to the computer before running the file.

4. At the end of saving the file, go to the directory where the file was saved and execute it.

Operating Systems for HP Deskjet 990 Printer series:

OS support by:
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 2000
Mac OS X 10.4
Mac OS X 10.1
Mac OS X 10.2
Mac OS X 10.3

Source from: https://support.hp.com

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