HP LaserJet 1005 Driver

Monday, September 3rd 2018. | HP LaserJet

HP LaserJet 1005 Driver if HP developed in Windows, Mac and Linux Field want to connect Your HP Printer to device development environment through the Drivers and Software.

global-driver.com Will guide you in the right way to Download any HP Printer Drivers that you are looking for. Please note that the driver according to your own model at home/office.

HP LaserJet 1005 Driver

You don’t have to worry about performance and compatibility with your computer as Drivers and Software to HP LaserJet 1005 in the latest version,They provide software and drivers for all types of HP printers available in the market. You just need to choose one that is suitable for your current printer.

“HP Color LaserJet 1005 Drivers” Specifications in Model Configurations Download, Support Windows and Mac OS X with your operating system”.

HP LaserJet 1005 Host Based Driver – HP LaserJet 1005 Printer

Driver Detail:
Type: Driver
Version: 5.51.2103.0
Release date: Feb 28, 2014
File Size: (2.9 MB)

Host-based printer drivers use the computer’s (host’s) resources to process print comands and convert the text and graphics into pixels or dots the printer can place on the page (called rasterizing), thereby taking advantage of the computer’s memory and processing power. Host-based devices typically cannot use PCL or PS drivers.

Please see the host-based driver section under the “Selecting the Correct Printer Driver” link above for more information about host-based drivers.

Fixed Issues:
Original Software/Driver

System Requirements:
No additional prerequisites

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit)

HP LaserJet 1005 Installation instructions

This section will help you download the software to your computer and start you on the install process.

  • To download into a temporary, default directory on your PC, click on the lj1005 hostbased file link. Note the directory and path where the file is saved to. You will need to access this file on your PC.
  • To expand (unzip) this file select Start/Run on your PC; Select Browse and find the directory where the file was saved to. Click on the file, select Open and then ok.
  • Please note that this file will create and extract into a default directory on your hard drive.
  • Open the Printers Window. This will vary depending on the operating system running. For example,
    -Microsoft Windows XP: Start > Printers and Faxes
    -Microsoft Vista: Start > Printers
  • Update the printer
    • Right click on the printer and select Properties from the pop menu.
    • On the General tab, select New Driver.
    • Click on the Warning Box that pops up.
    • A printer listing box will appear. Select Have Disk.
    • Another box Install from Disk appears.
    • Click the Browse to locate the expanded files directory (i.e., c:\lj1005).
    • Click on the file ending with .inf .
    • Click Open and then Okay and let files install.
  • Add the printer if it hasn’t been installed yet.
    • Click Add New Printer
    • Follow the instructions of the Add Printer Wizard.

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